Solidarity Center staff are leading workshops or presenting on panels this week providing a global focus to discussions on worker rights and social justice  at the 2014 conference of the U.S.-based United Association for Labor Education (UALE), in Los Angeles.

Solidarity Center experts will lead sessions that include:

  • Combating Child Labor through Trade Law and the U.S. Generalized System of Preferences, examining how child labor has been reduced in Bangladesh and Pakistan through effective organizing and application of trade law;
  • Justice Deferred: The Failure of the Labor Action Plan to Protect the Rights of Colombian Port Workers, which looks at  the continued vulnerability of workers even after enactment of a plan that promised to support them;
  • New Organizing in the New Economy, in which research and cases of organizing successes from diverse workplaces in the United States, Cambodia, Colombia, Tunisia, South Africa and Brazil are presented; and
  • Inclusive Off-Site Organizing: Palestinian And Moroccan Workers Unions’ Creative Responses to New Global Economic Realities, where the creative work of Palestinian organizers at the border between the West Bank and Israel and those of Moroccan agricultural workers offer new models for organizing in atypical workplaces.

Solidarity Center staff and allies also will be represented on the plenary panel, Women Workers Organizing for Labor Rights and Social Justice in the Global Economy.

The UALE conference—attended by labor educators, community organizers and those committed to worker education—is designed to unite people dedicated to educating, empowering and organizing working people

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