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The Solidarity Center assists Peruvian unions in the mining, textile and export-agriculture industries tackle the enormous social and economic inequity challenges in the country. Credit: Solidarity Center/Samantha Tate

  In partnership with Peru’s national labor confederations and mining, garment and agriculture federations, the Solidarity Center provides local unions with hands-on assistance and training in membership building, collective bargaining and women’s representation so they can better represent vulnerable workers who often do not have a voice at the workplace. By concentrating its outreach among vulnerable workers in the mining, textile and export-agriculture industries, the Solidarity Center assists Peruvian unions, the democratic representatives of workers, in tackling the enormous challenge of social and economic inequity and redefine the framework that governs decent economic opportunity.

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Cleaner’s Death Highlights Lack of Safety Protections

At a funeral service in Lima, Peru, dozens of street cleaners yesterday mourned the death of their colleague, Rosa Mamani Apaza, a street cleaner who was killed on the job August 29 by stray gunfire as bullets flew nearby during an apparent late morning robbery....

Peru Unions Protest Retaliation against Striking Miners

Talks between Peruvian mineworkers and the Ministry of Labor over proposed labor law reforms came to a standstill after the government began retaliating against workers who took part in a recent nationwide strike, despite promises not to do so, according to the...

Peru Mine Workers from 56 Unions Wage Nationwide Strike

Mine workers from 56 unions in Peru started an indefinite, nationwide strike yesterday to protest the government’s proposed labor reforms, says Ricardo Juarez, secretary-general of the National Federation of Mining, Metallurgical and Steel Workers of Peru (FNTMMSP)....
Peru: Factory Fire Exposes Forced, Child Labor

Peru: Factory Fire Exposes Forced, Child Labor

A deadly fire in a Peruvian warehouse has exposed forced and child labor and exploitive working conditions in the country’s vast informal economy. Four workers, one just 15 years old, who were locked into storage containers that doubled as work spaces are missing and...

2,000 Peru Miners Strike for Health Care, Workplace Rights

2,000 Peru Miners Strike for Health Care, Workplace Rights

Update: Striking mine workers are standing strong despite the Peru Ministry of Labor declaring their strike illegal during a second appeal process yesterday and company threats to fire all the workers if they do not return to work by Wednesday. Construction workers,...

Peru: Unions, Civil Society Aid Victims of Deadly Floods

Peru: Unions, Civil Society Aid Victims of Deadly Floods

Racing to help the more than 640,000 people affected by massive flooding along coastal Peru, trade unions, faith-based organizations, academic institutions and other civil-society organizations have mobilized to ensure lifesaving supplies and other items reach...

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