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[The Nation] Unions Protect Democracy. How Do We Protect Unions?

David Welsh, country director for Thailand and Burma at the Solidarity Center, explains that “workers who have been messed [with] again and again are confusing their belief that democracy doesn’t work with the fact that capitalism doesn’t work.”

[AP] Thai garment workers win $8.3M in back pay after layoffs

David Welsh, Thailand country director of the Solidarity Center, called the settlement a “huge victory” for the garment workers. “Low-wage garment workers left destitute by injustice meted out by global supply chains is nothing new,” he said. ”What’s new is they did...

[Open Democracy] Decent Work for All, Including Migrants

"The serious, systematic and pervasive ways that migrants have been excluded, exploited and marginalized have been well-documented for decades. But the Global Compact on Migration, which UN member states signed into effect four years ago, has the potential to help...

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