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The Solidarity Center joins with union partners in Georgia to ensure enforcement of worker rights, such as those for construction workers. Credit: Solidarity Center/Lela Mepharishvili

  In Georgia, the Solidarity Center works with trade unions to improve their ability to engage effectively with employers and government representatives. The Solidarity Center partners with the Georgian Trade Union Confederation (GTUC), the largest member-based democratic organization in Georgia, which advocates for enforcement of worker rights and economic, political and industrial policies that benefit workers and civil society and create a strong middle class to ensure economic stability and democracy. Solidarity Center programs in Georgia support legislative research and training to advance union rights and gender equality, assist unions in building their capacity to represent all workers and educate workers on principles of democratic trade unionism.

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New Books Increase Access to Labor Law in Georgia

Three new Georgian books will help increase access to legal information and justice for workers and the organizations that represent them. The titles, which compile international labor standards and norms and national laws into three volumes, were presented at a...

Georgia Job Safety & Health Law Not in Line with ILO

Georgia’s new workplace safety and health law is a step forward but does not include sufficient enforcement mechanisms and only covers workers in a few industries, according to the Georgia Trade Union Confederation (GTUC). “What Georgia’s workers desperately need are...

Georgia Railway Workers Secure Key Safety Gains

Nearly 200 railway construction workers in three villages in west Georgia won significant health and safety gains through two agreements with state-owned company China Railway 23rd Bureau Group, according to interviews with several workers in a new Georgian-language...
Georgia Teachers Sign Historic Pact

Georgia Teachers Sign Historic Pact

In a precedent-setting move, the union representing teachers in Georgia signed a pact with the education ministry last month, signaling the new government’s willingness to partner with teachers—although unions in other sectors, including the railways and postal sector...

Global Unions Rally for 350 Fired Georgia Workers

Global Unions Rally for 350 Fired Georgia Workers

Some 350 workers at the Georgia chemical company Rustavi Azot recently were dismissed without notice or compensation and nearly 2,000 more threatened with firing unless they accept new, short-term contracts. The actions by the company, which produces mineral...

Georgia Alloy Factory Workers Make Big Gains in New Pact

Georgia Alloy Factory Workers Make Big Gains in New Pact

Workers at the Zestafoni Ferroalloy factory in Georgia’s Imereti region successfully negotiated a contract after five months of negotiations with their employer that includes wide-ranging workplace safety and health improvements, wage increases and social benefits....

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