Shawna Bader-Blau, Executive Director

Shawna Bader-Blau leads the Solidarity Center, the largest global worker rights organization based in the United States. Since October 2011, she has served as executive director of an organization of more than 280 staff in Washington, D.C., and some 30 field offices, implementing programs in about 60 countries. She has been with the organization for 19 years.

Shawna is an advocate and activist for safe, dignified and family-supporting livelihoods—where workers can exercise their fundamental labor rights and have a voice in shaping work conditions and public policies that impact their lives. [More]

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Al Davidoff, Organizational and Leadership Development Director

Sarah McKenzie, Program Coordination Director

Mary Markowicz, Program Quality, Learning and Compliance Director

Quoc Nguyen, Finance Director



Fred Azcarate, Asia Regional Program Director

Hind Cherrouk, Middle East and North Africa Regional Program Director

Kate Conradt, Communications Director

Tom Egan, Strategic Research and Campaigns Development Director

Alberto Fernández, Mexico Senior Adviser

Brian Finnegan, Americas Regional Program Director

Christopher Johnson, Africa Regional Program Director

Arina C. Lester, Development Global Lead 

Neha Misra, Migration and Human Trafficking Global Lead 

Sonia Mistry, Climate Change and Just Transition Global Lead

Hanad Mohamud, Program Coordination and Leadership Associate Director

Joell Molina, Program Coordination and Cross-Regional Programming Associate Director

Viviana Osorio Pérez, Equality and Inclusion Director

Catherine Pajic, Organizational Development for Recruitment and Hiring Systems Deputy Director

Robert Pajkovski, Asia Regional Deputy Program Director

Sanjiv Pandita, Asia Senior Adviser

Rudy Porter, Europe and Central Asia Regional Program Director

Margarita R. Seminario, Americas Deputy Regional Program Director

Melysa Sperber, Policy Director

Andrew Tillett-Saks, Trade Union Strengthening Director

Jeff Vogt, Rule of Law Director



Allison Aguilar, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives Head

Erika Fagan, Program Quality, Learning and Compliance Deputy Director

Michael Lawrence, Controller

Yosef Negasi, Human Resources Assistant Director

Stoniek Staniszewski, Information Technology Senior Adviser

Darcy Wertz, Operations Director


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