Labor Migration: Who Benefits?

Thailand, Burma, migrant workers, Solidarity Center

Solidarity Center Conference on Worker Rights & ​Shared Prosperity

Bogor, Indonesia, August 10-12, 2015

More than 200 participants from 45 countries took part in the Solidarity Center’s global labor migration conference August 10–12 in Bogor, Indonesia. Migrant Care Indonesia co-sponsored the conference.

Migration Conference News

migrant workers, Burmese, Thailand, Solidarity Center

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Solidarity Center allies from unions, NGOs and migrant worker associations joined academics, experts on labor migration, government officials, funders and other stakeholders to discuss a rights-based approach to migration and development emphasizing shared prosperity. (See agenda.)

The conference built on the Solidarity Center’s migrant worker rights programs in more than 20 countries, actively involving migrant worker advocates in strategic discussions on policy reform and effective program interventions.

Workshops and discussions highlighted the often ignored economic, social and psychological costs of migration for migrant workers and their families, including the exploitation and human rights abuses that accompany international labor migration for an increasing numbers of migrants, and worker-driven models in response.

The conference also challenged the development consensus around labor migration and explore a theory of change that empowers migrant workers and their advocates to promote migrant worker economic, social, and political rights and ensure equal treatment for all workers, regardless of status or nationality.


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